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The Cut Buddy

Cut Buddy is a men’s grooming company with a line of premium and affordable hair care products for men to freshen up between haircuts.


The challenge of this project was to design packaging and an updated user manual for the Bald Buddy™ using an updated visual identity.


I used their iconic yellow on the cover of the packaging to stand out beside their competitors on a shelf. For the manual, I added lots of color and new brand elements to create a consistent brand experience for their customers.

My Role



Art Direction: Nick Geddis
Design: Olivia Blount


Raindrop Agency

Cutbuddy color pallet

Visual Identity

Cut Buddy didn’t have a defined look so our team collaborated to build a full visual identity around their logo. Some of new brand elements included my choice of color and typography.

My vision for the visual identity was to refresh their brand. I wanted to create something new but familiar.

Cut Buddy product packaging designCut Buddy product packaging design

The goal was to design packaging that would catch someone’s eye walking down an aisle at a store.


It was really important for their packaging to be completely different from their competitors, so l used their bold yellow color throughout to really double down on their unique brand identity.

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Cut Buddy user manual
Cut buddy user manual

User Manual Design

I designed the user manual to feel like more of a product guide rather than a boring “manual”. I added lots of rich imagery and color to have something interesting for the viewer on every panel.

The user manual design was an opportunity to introduce customers to the new visual identity.

My vision for the email designs was to highlight the lifestyle and features.

Email Design

I created a couple of conceptual designs to show emails would look with the updated visual identity.