User Interface Design

Road Runner
Road Runner Sports

Road Runner Sports is an athletic wear retailer with over 40 locations nationwide and the world’s largest selection of running and walking gear.


The challenge of this project was to re-create the in-store Fit Finder experience digitally. Overall, they wanted to revamp the user interface and decrease bounce rates on their current digital Fit Finder.


I worked with their in-house user experience team to turn the user flows into a visual interface. Movement and photography played a major role in keeping the user engaged to help decrease bounce rates and tie-in the in-store experience.

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My Role

Lead Designer


Art Direction: Troy BeMent
Design: Olivia Blount


Raindrop Agency

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Key Features

Their user experience team found that the reason why users were bouncing was because the interface was a bit dull. Keeping that in mind, I used lots of color and movement to retain their attention.

I used lots of movement to keep the user engaged so they would be less likely to bounce halfway through.


After I explored the current Fit Finder and reviewed the user flows, I sketched out some rough (emphasis on rough haha) mocks to get map out some ideas before designing the high-fidelity mocks.

I started out this project by sketching a bunch of different layout ideas to explore all options ahead of time.