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Signature Wear
Signature Athletics

Signature Athletics is a digital sporting goods retailer that creates custom jerseys and equipment for independent sports teams.


The challenge of this project was to design two landing pages to help increase conversion rates on their “team” pages. Two pages were created to A/B test to see which one performed better.


Since there was lot of information to cover, my vision was to make everything as scan-able as possible. I used lots of iconography and imagery to break up content into digestible pieces so a busy coach could understand at a glance.

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My Role

Lead Designer


Art Direction: Troy BeMent
Strategy & Copy: Jacques Spitzer


Raindrop Agency

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Key Features

I designed both pages strategically for the user to clearly understand the benefits of the service. I made all of the content very scan-able with iconography and imagery multiple ways of getting started.

Version one included a video above the fold to capture users who want more information before converting.

Version two was designed for users who are familiar with the brand and are ready to make a purchase.

Key Mobile Features

I designed version two to be more focused on getting the user to make a purchase above the fold by removing the clutter and making the call to action the main focus.

website wireframewebsite wireframe


I started with a wireframe so the client could see the difference between both pages visually.